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Bing Translate YQL Table

With Yahoo’s babel fish translate webservice gone and Google’s translate service requiring payment there leaves only one free translate API around. Bing Translate. It’s not the easiest API to interface with, but using YQL and the execute block makes it easy. Bing Translate generously gives you 2 million characters a month – for free. Any [...]

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Protected: Top movies

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Running and Cooking – a new year resolution

Last year I decided I would commit myself to trail running on a consistent basis. I’m usually pretty bad at sticking to my resolutions, but trail running did seem to stick and is something I now enjoy.  I have my friend Brad to thank for dragging me out to my first trail race in Sept [...]

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YQL and JSONP-X (aka. json-p-x, jsonpx, json-px)

With all the buzz about YQL’s new Insert/Update/Delete, a new feature JSONP-X was also released at the same time. JSONP-X is essentially an escaped XML string as a JSON result wrapped in a javascript callback function. To access this functionality consider this example:<my yql query>&format=xml&callback=mycallback and a basic structure: myJSCallbackFunction({ “query”: {yql meta data [...]

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Top 10 YQL execute links

Some links about YQL’s new execute feature:

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Yahoo Pipes will not be effected by the closing of Brickhouse

There has been some confusion around the net. Yahoo Pipes will not be effected by the closing of Brickhouse. Pipes is currently under the Yahoo Open Social group. So don’t worry, your Pipes will still be around. Good luck to all the team members in Brickhouse and all of my [...]

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I love chill drum n’ bass.

This is one of the better chill mixes I’ve heard recently. I love this old skool stuff. Still resonates today. (btw, the videos’ suck, the music rocks, have a listen) Everything But The Girl – Single (Photek remix) GrooveShark link (edit: since the youtube vids are yanked have a listen here) Also this one is [...]

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2-legged OAuth Javascript Function for YQL

Here is a 2-legged OAuth Javascript function that makes it easy to get YQL results into your Javascript application. First we want to include the oauth javascript libraries obtained from <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> It’s probably best to download those files to your local server, instead of calling them directly from googlecode [...]

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visual music.

just in time for Halloween..

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YQL launches!

After many months of work, YQL has finally launched. It’s exciting to see such a powerful tool released that unifies many of Yahoo’s web services and allows mash ups from external sources. I created the console part of YQL, which is a small part in the YQL picture – but it allows developers to test [...]

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