Running and Cooking – a new year resolution

Last year I decided I would commit myself to trail running on a consistent basis. I’m usually pretty bad at sticking to my resolutions, but trail running did seem to stick and is something I now enjoy.  I have my friend Brad to thank for dragging me out to my first trail race in Sept 08.

As the year progressed so did my results:

  1. Angel Island (8k) – 6/20/09 – 47th Place
  2. Santa Cruz Mtns. (10k) – 9/27/09 – 56th Place
  3. Skyline Ridge (14k) – 10/04/09 – 36th Place
  4. Santa Monica Mtns. (9k) – 11/22/09 – 28th Place

For 2010 I plan to race the mid distance runs ~17-24k.

Also for 2010, I plan to cook more! As a passive fan of I finally made something from their wonderful website – home made tomato sauce with onion and butter. It came out pretty damm good.

I bookmarked a few more things to try out:

And the master list.

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